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Originally Posted by VIncymon View Post
They are both beauty is of male beauty and the other is of female beauty.

Looking muscular is a stereotypical male characteristic of male beauty.

Looking curvy and lean with smooth skin etc...are stereotypical female characteristics,

Which is why I said removing the beauty rounds off the pageant is as ridiculous as a body building contest with all competitors fully clothed.

(yes, there are female body builders...that's an exception)
No they're not bodybuilding contests are not female gaze. Both body building contests and beauty pageants are for men (and mostly straight men at that.) Have you seen what those guys end up looking like when they're done? They're not *insert random member of The Avengers.*

This is for women:

Sorry but it pisses me off so much when people are like 'women get this *insert something no one asked for* and it's equal'
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