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crying when in bed

After I Finish reading after I go to bed -I start to cry either because I have no "other half" and my parents are as useful as anything (instead of you know actually trying to HELP me find the "other half" they say "It will happen, when it will happen" but when they limit where I can go (Toronto is out on my own and I think my other half is there)

For me to go into Toronto to just 'catch up' with one of my girlfriends is:
1: Have Mom and I go into Toronto
2. Mom goes do something else while I catch up with Friend
3. Meet back up with Mom afterwards and we do "something".

The other reason (I know its sounds stupid) I cry in bed is about the meal I'm making tonight - Mom wants me to make wraps for supper but I would prefer to make tacco salad (besides I can easily make the tacco salad 100% on my own unlike the wraps where I would need some help folding them up) so I don't have to make a separate "side dish" (aka an actual salad) like I have to do otherwise for wraps. The other option had it not been used last night would been a Caesar salad.
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