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Originally Posted by Canadian Brotha View Post
I’ve definitely found trying to discuss anxiety or depression with a GP to be quite anxiety inducing and in the end not helpful at all. I feel like you have to know/trust your doc well to get into all that with any real sense that it’ll lead to better things otherwise having awkward experiences trying to get help can really put you off trying for long spells or completely.

With a psych I found therapy sessions weren’t really helpful to me not because I was too anxious to open up but rather because I didn’t really see my reality outside of the session room lining up with what I was being told to tell myself when I was in them, not to mention when it takes suffering through panic attacks to get and from the appointments there’s only so long anyone will put themselves through that without the sense that there’s an improvement over time
@Canadian Brotha
Thanks for sharing and I get where you're coming from. Additionally, In the past I've felt that the things I say to docs or psychs go in one ear and completely out the other. they nod their heads and do nothing to really help. But, I've came to realize that I've had poor communication skills due to social anxiety.

I've spent a lot of time reading books about communication.. So I'm hoping on some of my upcoming appointments I'm able to express myself in a way that will get me results. One on one with people seems easier for me and pretty much if I'm outside or anywhere there's more than a few people in a room it becomes a sensory overload for me and sends me into panic.

For me I'm just reaching an age where it's getting more and more embarrassing for me to always have someone with me. (Mom, Friend) tag along when I need to take care of some business. At some point my moms going to die and I can't always depend on others. Kinda sucks how things have panned out but I feel some big changes needing to happen or i'll be dead because of substance abuse.

Hope all works out with you.

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