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No, you both are wrong. We don’t need a goal in order to change our way of thinking. Human beings will never work together collectively to get anything done. I promise you that. If NASA announced that we only have a year to live unless we take a certain action, I promise that only 40 percent of the population will take action and they will all be left leaning people who want to “preserve the planet”.

I’m saying that we, as a human race are ****ed. We are built to chase after what feels good to the flesh. We are physical people who only care about what we can feel and touch. The idea of peace, gratitude, honor, dignity and faith are not important to most people. Yes, war will continue to occur. Mass shootings will continue to happen regardless of what happens to our firearms. I promise that they will continue to happen. There is no possible way to stop it from happening unless we are all chained up.

The world is a ****hole. Nothing good happens here because we were made from sin. We’re an accident called human beings. Let things play out. Don’t try and “fix” the world. People are too stupid and ****ed up in the head to think about anyone else other than their own lust. Let that sink in..

I've been seeking happiness for years.
I've lived in hiding from the darkness.
I've spent so many hours in question.
I've prayed that God finds me soon.
Only to realize I must find myself.
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