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I would guess that a lot more people stare at me than the average person, and I am even more noticeable because of social anxiety and bad vibes etc. I am 6'3, have very bad posture, very pale skin and frail frame. I kind of stumble around. I have not made eye contact with anyone in about 6 months, even when I am in a store or restaurant I avoid eye contact with everyone. I think even people who are stared at a lot, it is still a relatively small percentage of the population, but it sticks out more or stings or is more obvious when it does happen. I am in New York City and the great majority of people are in their own world and wouldn't notice much anyway. The fact that I am tall i think makes a difference, I also give off extremely bad vibes and I have "crazy" blue eyes, which people have commented on. I would just wear sunglasses all the time but people are nuts about customs like that, GOD FORBID I wear sunglasses indoors, like WHO CARES?!?! I no longer wear sunglasses but I now always wear baseball caps because it hides my eyes and I also have a big forehead. I always have my hat on and looking down with my headphones on in public.

To sum up, it is partially that people do stare and partially that anxiety adds fuel to the fire. I am still convinced that I am stared at way more than the average person. Many other people on the site may be completely off in their own assumptions, and no one is staring. It depends on the person, each case is different. I am just an oddity and I am also just weird in every way, how i walk, or stumble around, my height, my posture, my nasally voice, ghost white skin, and the list goes on, does not surprise me that people stare.

And I have the same problem as Green, i walk very odd because of my height and lower back is kinda wacky that i look gay or something when i walk. It looks like I am walking feminine somehow but my posture and back is weak which is the reason, hard to explain. Me being tall hurts too because i stumble around usually instead of walking smoothly
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