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Originally Posted by Coincidence View Post
@TheForestWasDark wow friend @ body language and "intimidating people" thing. you for sure overthinking things. what you are describing never crossed my mind/never thought about for once, however i'd feel little bit bad for myself because during all these years i lived, i failed to make even one friend to go out with.

i'm not used to going for a walk, but these days (i'm not sure if it's simply called aging ) these days i'm craving walking in nature more..
Ya i’m a bit paranoid, as people have made me feel self-conscious a lot in the past.. my city is very utopian i guess. It has one of the lowest crime-rates in Canada i believe.. It’s laid out with several suburbs and people here are very domesticated.. They really do mind their own business and don’t interact with each other at all aside from the few friends or social group they have. Makes it all the more unusual seeing a random dude walking alone at night with no real purpose, at least that’s how I feel about myself. What does anyone know however, it is for physical therapy and self-care in my books. It kind of feels cold in a way, and I haven’t made any friends since after high-school and now they have all went their own way. I’m not surprised my sister moved away to B.C right after school and hasn’t returned to live here since. The only activity or chance of making friends is gonna be downtown where there are clubs and some other forms of nightlife and that’s not my style really.
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