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It’s not weird imo, perhaps at night it is and people will be weary of you/ closely watch you.. It is strange where I live, in the sense that I don’t see many people walking alone without a pet, or partner(s). I find when I go for walks at night, and I pass a couple, I get weird looks from the male when passing by on the sidewalk. Perhaps this is because I am alone and have a more intense presence at night. Societal precautions and the horror stories you hear on the news are largely responsible for this level of awareness. We evolved as a species to have a tribal “us and them” approach and to sense danger in the oddest of places. It is ingrained in all of us, the fear of the unknown.. Even in a small, quiet suburb you will be put on people’s radars. The media wants you to put bigger locks on your doors any-who.. I’ve been focusing on swaying my arms more when i walk to seem more “normal” and less like a bear-walk. I don’t like intimidating strangers but I seem to do so at times. It’s weird though, unless on a long, secluded bike path or something, i’m more weary of cars at night than i am of a random person on the sidewalk. (drunk drivers and sex traffickers)

You’re appearance really matters in this regard however, if you’re over 6’0 or just built, you will instinctually intimidate more people.

edit: I’ve learned that looking down when passing someone is seen as a sign of threat, because people don’t know what you’re doing / about to do. If you look straight ahead and down it’s more normal and seen as a sign of submission or something. Body language is huge and we don’t even realize it most of the time.
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