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Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post
Actually, TBH I have rarely ever found the women who win "beauty" contests to be my cup of tea. Oh I suppose they're attractive in some plastic doll sort of way but that was never what did it for me anyway. I like women who look real. Like if I'm trying to figure out if her face is even made of skin something's wrong.

Frankly, this is probably a good thing. Attractive women come in all shapes and sizes and the ideal woman should actually look human. Seen enough of what happens when every woman thinks she has to have basketball boobs and duck lips and no skin pores.
Well yes, I too find the women in beauty pageants generally too skinny....BUT....they can easily change that without shifting the focus entirely away from physical beauty....what's the point of the pageant then ?
Why not just call it a talent show for women ??
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