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Originally Posted by harrison View Post
That's what I'm supposed to be doing too mate. My last therapist said exactly that - that I have to try and keep things fairly even if I can. Very difficult for me to do. Plus I get all worked up about things anyway - even on my own. I have to try and limit stimulation, like the type of music I listen to etc. It's crazy.
Eating right food can help too, as they have done testing like that in Australia, where is known that eating the right foods helps to reduce anxiety. Like some react to certain foods or ingredients (ingredients like soy and wheat are common ingredients people react to and are found in a lot of man made foods).

Originally Posted by harrison View Post
The body shaking would be horrible too mate.
It is similar to what the body does when cold, but changing temp doesn't stop it. Getting away from stressful situations does stop it.
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