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Originally Posted by harrison View Post
I don't work - so no career, although I have in the past. I wish I could because I get very bored. I wish I could just be normal and do something where you have a decent group of people around you to talk to. I've done that in the past. I might try and do it again if I can get stable again.

Physical problems would be terrible - I'm lucky in that regard as I've always had pretty good health physically. I won't ask you what sort of physical problems because you might not want to talk about it - but I'm sorry to hear that mate.
Thanks and no worries in asking me about my health.

I'm in the same mindset as you pretty much, in that my main concern at the moment is finding a person or several persons that I can have a chat with in real life...someone to hangout and go places with, etc. Even moreso than a career/menial job or the like.

I don't care if it's dangerous or not...I'm going to town either way.
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