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All year, I’ve been wanting to tell my mum that I want to try therapy again, but I don’t like to bring things like that up. I think it’s partly because it’s admitting I need help, and I’ve always been anxious when my problems get mentioned because I feel scared to change because that means I’ll have to do things that will scare me.

I’ve read reviews for therapists in my area, and most sound bad, so it might have to be somewhere else, which I know would be okay. I’m thinking of finding a website about one, screenshotting it, then sending it to her in a message with “Do you think this would be good for me?”. I’m going to make myself do that today, even though it might make me feel nervous. It was brought up a few months ago, and she was happy and thought it was a good idea, but nothing else was said. This week seems like the right week because of something she said last night.

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