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Idk, I like the whole "how real is real" conversation, maybe because when I came across The Matrix, I watched the first movie multiple times per day for a week or so (then tried to run up a wall, repeatedly; multiple ouch). Some people prefer to be grounded in reality, and that's cool, but stepping outside is how art, inventions, and lunacy happens. It's nice to stand outside and watch the thin, semi-opaque curtain between the reality and the beyond blow in the breeze (sidenote: this made me think of 'The Rocking Chair' by Perkins-Gilman, great story). So: yes, this could be a simulation. Why not?

If we are taking the fake-reality as metaphorical to discuss how "the future that you've had mapped out is nothing much to shout about", I agree with that too. Whether you play nice or dirty, it matters way too much where and when you were born. Employment, in most cases, is infinitely undesirable and unrewarding. The American (substitute other nation) Dream sucks. You have to build your island of happiness on a landfill of toxic waste, and that's some challenge. I can't blame or patronise those who fail, because under different circumstances I would do too.

Do seriously consider dumpster diving though, it's not as dirty or humiliating as it might seem from the outset.

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