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In response to the other replies...

Frustration with our circumstances is healthy depending on how we choose to go about traversing it.

As I mentioned before, my Matrix analogy was much more figurative than literal but even if it were literal, why not let each individual navigate it how they see fit, excluding harm to others obviously?

In the Matrix canon, the version we see immediately in the 1999 movie is the 6th version of the Matrix. Various versions were crafted before to be somewhat perfect, no disease, no war, no suffering only to have crops of humans reject the simulations because we humans are defined by our struggles. The Architect then wrote the Oracle program whom would eventually figure out a way to run the Matrix properly. They figured that most people would accept their circumstances wholeheartedly but the remaining few that rejected it could completely destroy the system so they allowed them to leave the Matrix in order to reside in Zion, the last human city in the world.

I'll stop there but see how analogous it is to our real world? The movie sequels sucked but the reason why the first film flourished was because it resembled our every day reality and at least inspired questioning it. At least those whom questioned the system in the Matrix were allowed to leave it. We pretty much have no choice in reality.

However an individual may choose to navigate their lives is most obviously up to them. If one should choose a nihilistic approach, so be it. Telling them to stop being angry won't actually be to their betterment. They have to come out of it themselves, choosing the metaphorical red or blue pill.

We haven't lived in anything remotely close to "real" since the turn of the century.
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