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Originally Posted by Tetragammon View Post
This apparent need to 'explain' life in absurd terms is fascinating to me, because I never felt it. Why do people do this? Why can't everyone just accept what their senses and rational thought tells them about their existence? Is it like existential disassociation? Is it a refusal to accept the simple fact that we're all just animals and this is likely the only life we'll ever get? Or is it a fear of our own mortality?

I feel like some people waste way too much time thinking about "simulations" or "Heaven and Hell" -- why not spend that time thinking about what's actually right in front of you all along: life?
Great post. Yeah when I was young we didn't have all this crap about simulations - probably because video games and the internet hadn't been invented yet. Plus Matrix hadn't come out of course.

We all liked to think we were angry young men though - every generation does that. Like nothing can be good enough for us and there must be something better. When I look back to how I was when I was younger it's just embarassing.

And the Heaven and Hell stuff - well, that's a whole other story. Dear oh dear. It's just mind boggling the crap people tell themselves.
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