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It certainly does seem that way doesn't it? I made a thread here about 5 years ago detailing how I felt as though we lived in the Matrix. The thread was from a much more figurative point of view rather than a literal, machines are controlling us, POV but the sentiment was very similar to this thread here.

We do what we must to keep the colony running. We provide value in some fashion or are cast out like a leper. In order to keep us in check, the powers that be facilitate so-called production by enamoring our senses with materialistic stimuli designed to get us to work so we can afford these lavish tokens of perceived importance only to realize that we must recoup our loses so we must work harder.

We waste our lives working jobs that we hate so that we can afford to pay for a living space that we are rarely in. Vehicles spend 90% of their lifespans from construction to destruction inert, completely inactive in some driveway or parking space yet we humans have been fooled into believing that going into debt paying 5,6, sometimes 7 figures for an over-sized tin can is somehow virtuous.

As it pertains to interactions with the every day person; most interactions with people just don't quite feel fulfilling in any way. Socialization is a tool merely used for the purposes of staving off loneliness. We do not want to be alone so we pick up on pointless, vapid topics of discussion to avoid it. Most conversations we have truly don't mean anything. Me personally? I feel as though one of the most gladdening aspects to understanding my psychology is to truly embrace and understand my loneliness.

I could go on but in short, I will say yes. My frustration due to the feeling of nothing being real, is ever-so present. Sometimes, it feels as though it all has to be fake.

We haven't lived in anything remotely close to "real" since the turn of the century.
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