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In my virtual reality I would have superpowers and be able to shapeshift, and I'd mostly go around saving women and gender non conforming men from men/other men who are trying to hurt them. But now and then I'd solve other crimes and such too that would just be the primary theme.

Then I'd gift the particularly bad guys as pets for my army of sadistic fempeople robots (I think some of them will be part arachnid.) I haven't figured out what they're going to do yet, but they'll have to have something to do for fun. And I'll have to outsource the sadism to free up time for my alchemical work, intermittently joining super villain hero groups as the edgy anti-villain hero, and music tech classes.

So basically Lisbeth Salander crossed with Ishtar and too lazy to think of other archetypes/characters.

Then I'll probably want to date occasionally, but anti-villains never have partners I probably won't have time with all the other stuff, so I'll just have unresolved sexual tension with a witchy-goth-librarian who is actually a changeling and has special plant abilities and also other super abilities, and they moonlight fighting crime and also seducing people because they're very insatiable and absorb other people's sexual energy.

I think I'll also have sex with Loki while he's wearing that outfit in the one fanfic with the fishnets, corsets and heels and stuff. Yes.

OK, so that's a plan. Now I just need the random question generator which is obviously secretly an AI that will create virtual realities based on responses to this thread, to start working.

Also a separate reality where I get to be Satan. Or some other trickster that's equally impressive/good for ****ing with people but.. Satan's kind of the only one the West takes seriously still. Also I'll need an underworld obviously.
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