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Originally Posted by komorikun View Post
My favorite chore is organizing. I don't like cleaning/scrubbing/mopping/vacuuming/dusting, etc. I like to organize and figure out the best way things should be set up. Like where should dishes and food go in the fridge and cabinets? Where should I store my bathroom products? Where should the furniture be placed? Unfortunately, I have no bathroom cabinet....

Even though I'm not very good at this sort of thing, I'd like to get into do-it-yourself things. Like creating things out of wood. Putting shelves on the walls. Can't really do it in an apartment, but if I ever have my own home would be so much fun.

For example I've been looking for a spice rack and I saw this on reddit. So cool. It's actually inside the wall and doesn't stick out. I also like how it has a proper door on it. I don't like stuff just hanging out, particularly small stuff. I like everything to be enclosed.


So, your thoughts about spice racks are intertwined with thoughts about cats (predictably ). That's a strange combination. But now you've done it to the rest of us too. If I'm ever in the store and I'm looking at the Mrs Dash and I suddenly see an image of a cat in my mind, I'll know why.
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