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No favorite chore, I mostly put them off till I have to do them, laundry is easy enough, I bought a washing machine for our house about 5 years ago, just put in powder & go, mostly hang dry but we have a dryer too, my mother & sister worked in hotels housekeeping for years so they taught me how to change bedclothes fairly fast when they would no longer do it for me , hovering is meh, I'm not really that fond of cooking, my oldest sister moved back home last year after a bad relationship ended so she does most of it cause she likes cooking, I chop firewood, buy coal etc cause we have a solid fuel stove, recently installed a new one I bought for a Christmas present for my mother for €2200, I look after the small bit of land & farm my father left behind when he died, use the money towards the house & helping my mother, I do a bit of painting occasionally, clean & maintain the private sewage system when needed etc,
So cutting the lawn is probably favorite chore, sewage system maintainance least favorite.

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