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Laundry is my most hated chore because I have to leave my apartment to do it. And it requires leaving my apartment every 30 minutes for 2 hours or more. Have to go up and down stairs and unlock many doors and actually go outside to enter the building basement. It's awful. Risk running into my neighbors. Can't do the laundry Saturday or Sunday afternoon (when I'd like to do it) because the machines will likely be occupied. I have to beg for quarters from the supermarket.

The other day I couldn't do the dry because the damn coin slot got jammed. Perfect timing too cause I was drying my duvet cover which takes forever to dry. I hadn't washed it in several months. Landlord fixed it the next day but too late. Turns out it was jammed because the machine was full of quarters. So I had to hang dry EVERYTHING because my landlord was too lazy to get the quarters out in a timely manner.

I wouldn't mind doing the laundry if I had the great luxury of having a washer and dryer inside my apartment. But those types of apartments are pricey.
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