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What's your Favourite /Least Favourite House Chore?

I take it that for some having to do a chore will never be fun... but still there must be some chores that you can tolerate more than others and some that you absolutely loathe doing. What are they?

Personally, I love cooking. I don't mind doing t cleaning (vacuuming , dusting, etc..) music makes it a lot easier.

But I absolutely hate doing laundry

As a matter of fact :

And bedsheets... lots of bedsheets... I never wash them I just throw them away and buy new ones every 3 months or so.

Thank goodness that this is 2019 and things are about to get much easier:

"Existence well what does it matter?
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future,
The present is well out of hand"

― Ian Curtis
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