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Originally Posted by versikk View Post
i like this theory. both have self-referential qualities, but are these qualities really of the same matter, such as it were?
So I find it difficult to articulate and consolidate everything that led me to believe that but essentially social anxiety is a symptom, but ime most people with it have a cluster of other traits that seem like mild schizophrenia. They also often have traits linked to the autism spectrum and these often overlap and are in themselves related, also sensory impairments/abnormalities seem heavily involved in many of these conditions, along with theory of mind.

Here are some related papers:

Both ASD and schizophrenia share multiple phenotypic similarities and risk factors; they have been reported to occur together at elevated rates (6). There exists literature on sensory processing deficits in both spectrums of disorders, and there are overlapping mechanisms implicated in the two. Recent research also describes shared genes, which are both downregulated in patients with autism and schizophrenia (4), further reinforcing a link between the disorders.
(being kind of lazy which is why I've just spammed you with links.)

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