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Originally Posted by SplendidBob View Post
It's not necessarily either imo. People can look a lot at people, for all kinds of reasons, this is true, for sure. But they do this to *everyone*. People with SA absolutely have bad confirmation bias and remember the negative times and then this flavours the memory of it all. I will remember the times people stare at me and assume it's because (insert a negative reason), but sometimes, it can literally be the opposite (they find me attractive). I get it a lot because I am physically intimidating too, it's just how it is. But I tend to put my own special SA spin on things "they hate me, they think I am ugly, blah".

A very very significant % of it is confirmation bias and because we are looking out for it, see below...

Often forgotten in these threads, to know someone is looking at you, you kinda have to be looking at them

I just imagine people bothered by this stuff going around looking for people to see if they are looking at them, and them actually staring annoyed with people, so they stare back "see, everyone looks at me funny, they all hate me".

great points.

for sure tho, i look at people all the time because i'm really curious - mainly i look for attractive people to feel bad about myself, and to get inspiration for my outfits, but yeah it's definitely partly because i want to see if someone is looking at me lol, which in turn is partly because i want to see what kind of people find me attractive (inconclusive so far, but alt girls tend to look at me more often than others). sometimes i try to make myself pretty like touching my hair, because maybe people like half-bald males doing that lmao
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