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Well, I spent some time in a relatively modest 3 bedroom house out in the woods for a couple of years in my teens. It was a new house but it was nothing fancy. Actually, I guess a house of it's size would go for a lot today in a suburban area but I guess it was cheap rent because of where it was at the time.

Living there was pretty awesome. There was one neighboring house about 30 feet away and another about a hundred feet away (out of view with trees between). You could actually sit outside on the back porch all day long and no one would even know you were there. You wouldn't see anyone. You wouldn't see any cars. Just trees and peace.

The people who lived in that area? Not so awesome. The school I had to go to when I lived there was horrendous. That was where the vast majority of my bullying (that I have mentioned) happened. The house was up on the side of a mountain and you had to get to it on a gravel road. So when I got off the bus in the evenings, the bullies would chase me literally almost to my house. It was a nightmare.

Nice place to live except the people around us were trashy and hard to get along with.

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