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Originally Posted by helpless View Post
Thanks for the post, Suchness. When I listed those 2 films I knew that That Cold Day in the Park was Ancient History, but it was the only example of a woman SA-SP I could think of. And, I knew it was hard to find.

On the other hand, Robin Williams, relatively recently deceased, did have an active movie career up to near the end of his life, and One Hour Photo was relatively speaking, a "recent" film that would probably be easier to locate and watch.

I listed it, because I have a fellow SA-SP sufferer who, upon watching the film, found the character that Mr. Williams played in One Hour Photo uncannily like his own life, and seeing the similarities between himself and that character, he came to his senses and snapped out of his fantasies similar to the main character of that film before it was too late, and it saved him from going off the deep end.

A case where an SA-SP took a fictional film very personally, and it had a profound effect, in this case positive, on his own life.

I'd hope that this post might arouse some interest in that film among the SA-SP Support Forums membership.
Awesome that it helped your friend. I saw it ages ago around the time it came out, wouldn't mind seeing it again.
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