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Originally Posted by Silent Memory View Post
What do they smell like? I remember reading they were banned somewhere because of how bad they smell.
Originally Posted by Tetragammon View Post

I lived in Singapore for several years and I actually tried one once. They smell absolutely awful, kind of like week-old stinky socks. And while they don't taste quite as bad as they smell, they still are not good. Kind of garlic-y, but really pungent. I still don't understand how anyone could actually eat them. In fact, they smell so bad that they were banned on Singapore's subway system.
Yuck! When I had it it was actually in a restaurant here in Melbourne - not up in SE Asia, so I didn't smell the whole thing. They just brought it to me on a plate.

I've heard they're pretty bad though - anything from smelly-socks to a bit like an open sewer. It's a bit like a lot of parts of SE Asia itself - Bangkok smelt a bit like that quite often, so does Jakarta - even right outside a fancy mall.

Would have been fun living in Singapore - did you like it?
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