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-Raw Celery. I will eat it cooked if its an ingredient in a dish but other than that I won't eat it. I can't understand why they pair up Buffalo wings with celery. I hated that. Switch the celery to a basket of fries.

-I also don't like sweet potato. My grandma on my Dad's side use to make it for my Sister and I when we were little. We never did liked it. Just give me a potato.

-Collard Greens. This one is a big one. In my culture if you're Black and don't like Greens then something was wrong with you. LOL. Seriously. I never liked them. It must be the sight of it that is a turn off for me. A food as a child you just didn't like to eat. {My Sister like them. She dislike beans. Never liked it as a child. Me on the other hand I like beans.} I don't even like cooked Spinach. I will eat it raw and leafy in a salad but I dislike cooked Greens.


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