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And for the record, I hope this topic is not deleted. I was bullied in high school on and off and to a much lesser extent before that, so i know bullying when i see it. I feel that about 3 or 4 different members bullied me in different underhanded ways on this topic, whether it be sarcasm or indirect jabs or insults. And while it seems like i am bragging that I was with gorgeous women, for me, that is a huge accomplishment because i came from the lowest of the low to date women that caused a scene in public and had friends who were winners and stars in whatever they did. I feel like most of, or all, the posters on this topic who insulted me or supported the other posters who attacked me, have not come from the bottom and rose up in many of the ways i did. I admitted that I spent 7 years locked away playing video games and was afraid of the world. i feel bad that persepherone is stuck indoors because that used to be me, and i am willing to help him. I realize that it isn't exactly bullying because it is from behind a computer screen but it is bullying tactics. However, I honestly hope this thread is not closed because i want to prove that i am willing to be everyone's friend on this thread, or i am willing to bicker until this is all worked out, because I will always eventually win. Even if I lose, I will show my own flaws and plead my case to where you will all be able to relate to me, and I can devour all of you in any argument if given a platform. I ultimately want to help all of you, as a matter of fact, I don't even post about my problems for over a year, i just post to try to help people, that is my goal
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