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Originally Posted by Shadowweaver View Post
But would you be offended if he offended you by not offending you? Or would you only be offended if he offended you by not offending you by offending you?
That is a beautiful comment, but no one was offended to begin with. I was annoyed by the word "partner" and I was not offended by it, there is a big difference.

I was, however, offended by you using sarcasm and attempting to offend me while I was in no way offended. I take offense to you attempting to offend my intellegence, I however was not offended, but i also did not mean to offend you, because behind your joking, i think that deep down, you were offended by what i said, no offense meant. And for the record i wasn't offended by the word partner, just by other offenses, such as the NY Giants offensive line, which needs a lot of work since we could not draft anyone to protect our quarterback. But i didn't mean any offense by any of this
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