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Originally Posted by Shadowweaver View Post
A society of slaves to women may sound much more attractive from the female perspective though, than it would be in reality. I recommend reading the Dark Elf trilogy by Salvadore, where the matriarchal Drow society is depicted. Suffice to say, men are not the only ones suffering there.

Humor, on the other hand, is quite encouraged there, so I'll let this pass!
First of all, I don't think any society for slaves for men or women is a fun topic of conversation, so your comment sounds kinda twisted. The bottom line is, he wished i was a sex slave for men, so i really don't appreciate you casually ignoring that fact and then adding references to Sci-fi books with fantasy characters involved. Sounds like you are just trying to throw fuel on the fire of his homophobic comments he hurled at me. Good job of disguising your bullying tactics.

I think maybe 3 people in the world got your references regarding the "Dark Elf Trilogy" and the "Drow society," but all that is really is a way to bully me, because he said such horrible things to me in the post you quoted
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