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Originally Posted by LostAndFoun D View Post
ok. I'm now really mad at cbd oil. I read and was told you couldn't take too much and it would NOT get you high. I got my new cbd (same kind I always take...but this time got it from ebay) and decided to take it together with my other kind. OMG. I was stoned. I remember EXACTLY why I quit smoking pot when I was a teenager - it was awful. Most of the night I kept thinking I wasnt breathing right and was going to die. Then I got paranoid thinking someone tampered with my ebay bottle and gave me something weird and it was some other drug or something. Then I kept thinking I was choking to death and kept coughing.

I read cbd made from hemp couldnt get you high! Wrong!

I did take a lot last night but I was in major pain.

Has anyone else had this happen? I stayed up most of the night because I thought if I went to sleep I would die. Kind of funny- but not funny. I was scared.
Not enough info given. Did you even research this a little bit ? Anyway ya cbd taken in too high of a dose can make you feel unpleasant. Obviously if you weigh like 120 lbs it won’t take much to take effect and get a stable outcome.
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