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Originally Posted by Royals View Post
Have you tried to pray and find your identity in God? Knowing that you were created in His image perfect the way you are. Humans have subjective opinion. It's all about how you feel about yourself. So self acceptance and self love come first. People with big confidence and know who they are won't focus on what others think or say about them. Nobody is perfect and certainly not those people who judge/condemn others a lot. People often complain about others when they are unhappy themselves or jealous. Could it be people only complain because they are not satsfied? If you accept yourself you would not feel the need to be mean to another. Only listen to the intelligent kind people. Not those grumpy unhappy people. What do they know? They don't tell the truth they just spout negativity about someone they do not even know personally. So work on self development and your self image. Other subjective opinions do not make who you are but your own opinion about yourself.
Thank you for the kind words. Ya lately I’ve been focusing on sensible people rather than randoms I see out in public or w.e. I was getting off the drugs at the time I wrote this. Now being 1 month sober, I’m much less paranoid in general. I mean I still have heard people muttering under their breath in the past, but I don’t overanalyze as much anymore or care for that matter.
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