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Originally Posted by Cool Ice Dude55 View Post
Nowadays it couldn't be more opposite! I hate leaving negative opinions anywhere because to have it challenged gives so much anxiety!

I don't get off on arguments online. Although I still say what I mean, when I get challenged it makes me anxious. If I get involved in a big argument, I dread clicking on that thread. I want to bow out of it, but don't want to end up looking like a coward/someone with lack of conviction and thus validate some detestable opinion of the other party. It's a hell spiral.

I left a forum earlier this year because I got into a heated argument with someone over a matter I feel strongly about. The other user was very persistent and I wanted to leave that situation, but the only way to do it was not to use the forum anymore. An important contributing factor was that nobody had my back (or, to be fair, the other user's - it was not a political forum and fuzzy neutrality was the law).

Almost the same thing happened on another forum, where I got ganged up upon by a bunch of people with medieval views, but one person stood up for me in a pretty fierce way and it made all the difference. I still feel anxious when posting there, but haven't quite left.

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