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Because I think if you're going to keep doing this in various threads, we may as well get to the juicy stuff.

I think the moderate traditional American conservatives probably attract a lot of traditional/religious women, and there are negligible statistical differences in the gender of people with pro-choice and pro-life positions, but as for some people in the more radical sects like Jim from The Dark Enlightenment. Lol that's actually his name. Look up Jim's blog. Or, well...

I'm not being hyperbolic here about Jim. I made another post about him recently after I first stumbled on him. So I'll be quoting/repeating myself a bit as well as adding new bits.

The only thing you can really say to Jim is 'ya'll need Inanna' not Jesus, there's a deity for every occasion you know.

But Jim's viewpoint is fascinating and somewhat out of step with the traditional right. See the traditional right for the most part try to overprotect women and view them as children (and progressives also do this just in different ways,*) the Jim right (and tbh there isn't a 'Jim right' since I've seen people from his ideological background call him out as insane on the topic of women, but some people get closer to his views,) is more about casting women (and females of all ages in fact,) as evil and chaotic, who men and civilization need protection from (very 'cthonic evil forces will destroy us all.') but there's also moments where they slip back into the traditional right thought of 'men know best' (for their self esteem you see,) creating a weird cluster**** of viewpoints and values.

*This overlap of beliefs in general (not just on this topic,) is why The Dark Enlightenment/neoreactionaries consider mainstream society a non-theistic Christian sect, and refer to these beliefs and the powerful people/the academy as 'The Cathedral.'

I'll quote a few things from a couple of his blog entries:

The trouble with Rotherham is not that white girls were raped and beaten, but that Muslims get exemption to be manly as women understand manliness, and whites and Hindus do not.

The Rotherham girls were raped, threatened, and beaten all right, but they were also complicit in the violence.
Human female sexuality is closer to feline female sexuality than to chimpanzee female sexuality.
I quoted this part before, 'when you take that cat girl fetish too far.'

Apes are primarily vegetarians, but we are descended from killer apes. Even when sex involves quite dangerous violence against women plus infanticide and plenty of it, as it rather often does, human females are massively complicit in that violence and infanticide. The women that pimps go through the motions of oppressing are topping from the bottom, and pimps are more accurately understood as the cucked and oppressed victims of lustful bawdy women.
Women do not particularly want protection, and are disinclined to cooperate with males who protect them. The early James Bond movies reflect male fantasies. Female fantasies involve motorcycle gang leaders, vampires, demons, and serial killers, and men have no alternative but to play along. I must dance, and women call the tune.
It also makes total sense if you take the story of the fall seriously. It is the curse of Eve. “thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

It also makes sense of female voting behavior. Single women have no country. They want us to be conquered, they want their male kin to be castrated, so they can finally get into the possession of someone strong enough to own them.
Catgirls and castration, what a wild blog post.

A message to Jim:

See I could actually frame some of my own interests in such a way until the bit after the castration (I don't especially since I'm into all kinds of stuff, but sure lets roleplay.) I mean I always cum when they're 'castrated' and I'm done after that you know? Until the next time I masturbate and then someone else has to be castrated. I mean psychologically mostly. I actually like dicks so.. No need to lose that.

And do you know who gets 'castrated.' It's guys like you Jim, not those soyboys you and your contemporaries keep writing about. Because it's an improvement.

Or in other words from a comment on the blog post:

What a cute little fantasy from Jim the man! Threw her in the pool, got laid like a rug! Btw, what the **** does that mean? You got rug burn on your dick from humping the floor in a blind fit of psychosis?

Hint: the behavior you describe is not effective with anything but damaged psycho *****es. And doubtful even with them. You are ****ing deranged . Cheers!
You're quite right commenter number 1, the deranged psycho ***** does the following I'm sure Jim with his infinite wisdom will be just psychopathically 'alpha' enough to win her over:

Kevin Lee was a property developer, landlord and lover of Dennehy.[1][2] He was killed on 29 March 2013, and his body found the next day near Newborough.[3] Dennehy dressed Lee's body in a black sequined dress before dumping his corpse.[4] Lukasz Slaboszewski and John Chapman were both housemates of Dennehy.[1] Slaboszewski, a Polish national, was killed on 19 March, and Chapman on 29 March.[3] They were both found on 3 April near Thorney with stab wounds.[5]

After the killings, Dennehy was driven by an accomplice, Gary Stretch,[6] to Hereford where she stabbed two men, chosen separately and at random, both of whom survived.[7] Both men were dog walkers; she stole the second's dog.[6] Another man travelling in the car, unwillingly, was later cleared of criminal involvement in the attacks.
In November 2013, Dennehy pleaded guilty to all three murders and two further attempted murders.[10][11] Her sister Maria was unsurprised by the guilty plea and said, "I think she did that to control the situation. She likes people to know she's the boss."[12] Dennehy has been held at HM Prison Bronzefield.[13] Assessing psychiatrists later diagnosed Dennehy with psychopathic, anti-social and borderline personality disorders.
Anyway moving on:

There is a lot of bad female behavior. It gets worse as they get older, but it starts very young indeed, typically around four years below fertile age, with a great deal of variance, much more variance than occurs in males.

People complain that when I notice sexual misbehavior in very young girls, that this is “bad optics”.

I say that there is severe and widespread female misconduct getting right in our faces, that we need to stop them, and that we need start stopping them very young.
I am indeed saying that women, starting at a horrifyingly young age, like sex, like rape, and rather like brutal rape. To conclude from this that I am arguing in favor of brutal rape, one has to attribute to me the white knight position that women should get what they want.
Lol let's take a moment to remember that one US politician.

(Jim here denies wanting the things that political candidate wanted mind you.)

That females are severely maladapted to an environment of female sexual choice, while men can accurately assess female fertility at thirty paces in seven seconds tells me that we are descended from peoples that were pretty relaxed about male choice, while forcefully suppressing female choice, people who only restricted males from impinging on the other male’s property rights in female sexuality, and were otherwise fine with it being open season for male predation. So if we look back in history to the family law of a people that did survive, this is what we should see. Open go for male predation, except that other men’s wives and fiancees are very much off limits, death penalty for women who sleep with one man, then cheerfully sleep with another man while the first man still lives.

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