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Originally Posted by chrisinmd View Post
Yea its a tough situation when the bully is a superior at work. Been there myself. You threaten him or kick his *** its your job. You could challenge him to meet up and settle this off the clock like men. Or go to human resources or his superior. Or his tires on his car could magically go flat! Karma is a *****! ( not suggesting you do anything illegal but sometimes bad crap just happens to people)

Lots of options for you all have risks however. Dont do what I did I just took the punishment. Take some action. Good luck
Naa man. This man is a 40 plus year old 5'3" 140 pounds who probably been a nerd his whole life. I'm mopping the floor with his face if it gets physical. I'm not trying to beat his ***. I'm trying to get him to back off. I tried bullying him once before already and it was kinda funny. I could see it in his face he doesn't like it. But I don't want him to feel like now he has to keep getting at me because I can tell he probably been bullied his whole life. I'm just trying to get him to back off in a way that he won't be trying to sabotage me at every moment.

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Still thinking of one.
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