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No lol. Hate that. You have some who may just skim what you take time to write out. Focus on one thing, twist your words. Read a completely different tone than what you're intending. Get weirdly randomly aggresive. Omg the editing things nonstop too lmao. So much bad faith editing. Or they just had a point they wanted to make. It's not a convo, a meeting of the minds, coming to an understanding, it's just saying what they know and want to get out lol.

Yea, not arguing or confronting online. I don't care what anyone thinks long as they're not pushing it on me so all that is a giant no. Whenever I find myself tempted to I just remember it's prob a 13 yr old. Or someone whose opinion I wouldn't care abt irl so no point expending the energy. Even if you "win" the argument afterwards it's like why the hell did I spend so much time arguing with a screen lol. The worst.

Miles to go before I sleep. Vale.

Know your ACE (adverse childhood experiences) score?
Sometimes, SA is a symptom of significant developmental, attachment or interpersonal trauma (emotional neglect counts). If you're still stuck after you've tried SA treatments such as CBT and exposure, research C-PTSD and see if it resonates. Here's an awesome resource. Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving
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