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Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post
I'm not sure why you commented this in response to that particular post since I was talking about people in general but anyway I have a lot of anger and hatred for people but mostly in the sense that people are conduits for things I dislike. And tbh it's a bit annoying/patronising that most people can't see that unless they strongly dislike me (removing whatever bias is there for others.) I'm pretty sure I know why and the reason annoys me further (not going to highlight it here because I don't want to open up a discussion but it has been pointed out in a post before by someone who dislikes me.) But no I'm not just hatred and anger, but then neither is anyone.
I probably just picked a post - I don't really pay that close attention. I'm not sure if you're just talking about online but people have other things going on and they may not be that interested.
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