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Well I watched a lot of cartoons and stuff as a child, and then later as a teenager I used to sit and wait for certain music videos to come on music channels for hours sometimes, and flick between them (we had a couple of music channels that still played music videos back then,) I'd also flick over to Kerrang radio which is like a metal/rock station in the UK that you can get on TV. This was freeview so basically non subscription digital TV. Before that became a thing we just had terrestrial so until I was about 11 we only had 5 TV channels except for the brief period where I think we got cartoon network illegally somehow. (I can't really translate this post, and I suspect parts of it might need translating,)

I really liked it when they had evenings where they'd only play rock or metal or something like that because back then that was more or less all I was into and they'd also play stuff that wasn't a newly released music video sometimes (and generally there wasn't much in the way of options.)

Not sure why but I mostly remember stuff from 2003/2004/2005.
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