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Originally Posted by Maslow View Post
You might be better dealing with his boss than him directly. Bullying is generally frowned upon in the workplace.
Im backing out of my original plan. ****in A man. This job is too important. Ughhh. I'm just going to have to figure out how to deal with this a less aggressive way. I admit I need this job. But this man been on my nuts ever since I got here. I don't know if he has short man complex or not but I get the feeling he is out for me. His boss is my boss as well but my supervisor and him are like at the same level.

Always trying to do something negative. Maybe he is just messing around and he does it to other people but this is not the idea I get. Grrrrr. Wish I could just walk in his office right now and just close the door but it's too risky. The other guy I confronted was just a worker like me so he doesn't **** with me anymore. He is scared of me now.

****in A I think I will just **** with him for now on. Maybe bully him a few times as well but indiscreetly. That or non aggressively confront him at a specific time. Ughhh. Got to figure this out as well but if mfers start screaming it's a wrap.

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Still thinking of one.
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