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What TV memories do you have?

When I was little and also when I was home from school in the summer, my mom watched the soap operas every afternoon and then Oprah would come on after and then the 5:00 news and a little after that my dad would come home from work. Sometimes my grandma would be over and they'd watch Oprah. I didn't, but I used to think Oprah was really pretty when she would had her hair all curly. Also another big memory for me was the little cartoon Oprah that would pull a HARPO wagon at the end of the show.

When I was in college on Fridays I was off and I'd clean the house while my mom went to the store. Later I'd watch Judge Judy in the afternoon while I was waiting on my friends to pick me up. Now though, I don't really like her show.

Also, when I was little I liked this one channel we had that would show random movies on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

When I was in my earlier teen years I loved to watch Matlock and Diagnosis Murder, but I know those were usually for older people, but I think a lot of people used to watch those too.

Also when I was really little I liked Bill Nye Science Guy and also Mister Rogers.

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