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Originally Posted by TheForestWasDark View Post
subjective. Some strains that are anxiolytic for some, are anxiety-inducing for others. There has been a general consensus from the forums i've read, that high thc indica-dom hybrids are anxiety inducing for people more prone to general anxiety disorder / social anxiety disorder. Most strains on the street market and online these days are indica hybrids, as they are the easiest to harvest and therefore supply..

Also leveled cbd:thc strains and oil in general, counter-acts the anxiety inducing effects of thc when taken at subjective/personal doses based on tolerance levels etc. Not to say that some relatively high thc strains aren't meant for reducing anxiety. In my personal experience and a lot of others, strains such as sativa- dom Super silver haze (70 % sativa, 30 % indica) has many written testimonials of providing relief, with little after-effects, for those suffering with predisposed anxiety. Obviously if you rip 3 bowls of it in one go you may feel anxiety however.
Thank you for the info 😊
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