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Yes, i believe most people in this world are born with potential for expanding their own levels of intelligence and creativity (there are many forms and levels, not just determined by a some-what pointless IQ test) but it is hampered by society's institutions. To have to be a fake projection in this world to succeed, or put on a persona. We are fabricated by the time we step foot in kindergarten. Most people will label me a kooky pseudo or a person who feels like they are more special than others, and just accept reality for what is it however, so why even go on about it? it doesn't help me or anyone else really, so my analytical abilities are rendered ultimately useless.

When you make these points about society and most people at large, you will be attacked by people who have been taught that status and work ethic is everything, who will tell you to stop feeling sorry for yourself or to stop feeling special.. Or they will just resort to ad hominem attacks or other logical fallacies. They will not even begin to consider the past abuses and roadblocks you have encountered to apply to their own reality. Perception is reality.. Withdrawing from society will be seen as schizotypal, awkwardness and introversion by the average person. On the contrary, when i was younger I had high hopes that I might actually go somewhere in life and wanted to help others and belong to something.

I have never been a true misanthrope but rather everyone else has always taken it upon themselves to hate me and in this I choose to embrace and roll with the negative sentiment, even if it had never been my original plan for life.
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