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Not quite, but I have experienced something similar. I remember a very stressful day in high school when, for the first time in my life, I failed an exam. I was devastated and desperately needed an escape. Luckily, on that very day my family decided to go watch the new movie Apocalypto, and I tagged along.

The movie absolutely blew my mind, and it is to this day one of my favorite movies of all time. I forgot about my exam problems instantly and was completely immersed in the world.

Walking out of the cinema theater, the world around suddenly felt very pale and boring. On the screen, there were lush vibrant forests, people running around in the wilds, incredible mountain landscapes... And around me I saw walls of concrete and people in grey winter clothes, walking in straight lines or staring at their phones.

Fantasy and fiction worlds usually feature things so far outside of our everyday experiences, that it is hard to come back to our everyday life without feeling disappointed. It is especially the case with RPG video games, where in the fictional world you can be a hero everyone looks up to, interacting with fantastic creatures and falling in love with unearthly divas - while in the real life you are just... a guy or a girl.

This, honestly, is one of the reasons I barely play video games any more. I find that the more time I lose in them, the more desensitised I become to the world around me. And, in contrary, when my focus is on our world, I start noticing little details that seemed irrelevant before and find an incredible depth and richness to it.
Escapism is an easy way out, but it is a way that in the long run hurts us badly. I'm grateful for all the time I've spent playing video games, as they helped me develop my imagination, ideas and core values - but at this point in my life, I realise that it is time to move on to other dozens hobbies I have. Video games have given me everything they could possibly give, and playing much more of them will not benefit me in any way.

And, frankly, going to any national or state park and walking around always makes me feel 100 times better, than any video game, movie or book possibly could. Nothing can compare to the best samples of our nature! I can look at many fantasy worlds, and then glance at a small creek in the summer, and the latter will always win by a large margin.
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