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Originally Posted by truant View Post
Real life is pretty painful for me, but tbh, I have a lot of difficulty escaping it. I have to work pretty hard to make any money, so the longer I'm unproductive, the more anxious I feel. I can watch an hour-long episode of a show while I eat my dinner okay, and once in a while I can talk myself into watching a movie, but that's about my limit before being away from reality becomes too painful to tolerate. I can't play video games anymore or take days off.

I don't really know how to answer other than: reality makes me so uncomfortable that I can't take my attention off it for long. Like how you can distract yourself from a toothache in bits and snatches, but the pain always comes back. That's my life. I never get bored, in part, because the pain is always there, demanding to be dealt with. I don't have enough hours in my day to do what I need to do to survive.

I get the impression from your post that you feel sort of like, the more time you spend away from reality, the stranger it feels when you come back. I don't get that feeling, but maybe it's because I take very short breaks. If anything, I feel like my ability to cope is constantly increasing, as I learn to solve problems, just not at the same rate that my life is degrading.

My need to work long hours is balanced out to some extent by the fact that I write fiction for a living. When I'm deeply engaged in my writing, it's like I'm not really here in the real world, and I think that's how I avoid going completely insaner. But it's not always easy to get into that headspace. I have certain problems that make it difficult to get into that kind of focus (eg. migraines), and other problems that take me out of it (eg. my crazy sister calling me all the time).

I don't know the exact specifics of the pain you're going through, but I've always thought that all kinds of pain (physical and mental) eventually go away with time. Is the source of the pain the same all the time or does it keep changing?
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