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Originally Posted by harrison View Post
I remember when I'd withdrawn from benzos one time in hospital (I did it many times) some guy said to me: "welcome to reality." It didn't make me feel any better, that's for sure.

I used to find dealing with it extremely difficult and still do to a large extent.

But comparing to the feeling you're talking about I used to feel like that often coming out of a movie theatre - I'd have been so lost in the movie that coming back out into the street was sort of jarring.

I also had it to a lesser extent with books - sometimes a really well-written sentence or two can almost affect your mood.

I think that guy in the hospital was just trying to cosplay Morpheus.

The movie theater thing happens to me too (especially with high action movies with lots of flashes and special effects). Strangely I find reality more interesting after going to the theater.....probably because its more social. You're watching it in a theater with lots of other people, so you don't feel isolated.
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