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Originally Posted by TheForestWasDark View Post
Yes same, most strains turned me into a complete ball of anxiety...
I haven't taken cbd oil for about a week now, but it certainly helped when transitioning off the grass. With hybrid strains, namely indica dominant which are the easiest to harvest, thus supply or find (it was also always the cheapest variety of strain) , it was very easy for me to get stuck in my own head. At times i feel like i went through days with no function of thought happening in my brain. A consistent white noise, auto-pilot state, until i came across people. Said white noise turned into a tunneled version of anxiety and unease, which was very hard to escape
However i do believe some strains (sativa dominant hybrids, Super Silver Haze being one that helped me the most at times) are helpful when moderated. Since i have an all or nothing addict mentality, i can't go down that route. Anti-anxiety sativas are very very rare anyway, without an accessible source such as a regulated dispensary, or online websites that accept online ordering. I do truly believe it can help people function throughout their day when taken in a small dose alongside their morning coffee. They don't have a come-down effect taken in small doses and don't contain the comedown/burnout effect that you would find with most weed on the street.

Getting back to cbd oil, i believe when taken accordingly (every person is different so it takes a subjective trial-phase) can benefit a person in their daily life if they have anxiety attacks, major pain or sleeping issues etc. I'm trying the natural road out again as I don't like feeling dependent on a substance. I'm already in my comfort zone when on the internet, so i would only use it in scenarios where i had to go to some grueling event or outing at this point.
Yeah, one of my biggest problems was that I didn't know how to only take a little. Before the anxiety I just liked to get high and see how far I can push it and after it became a vicious cycle to not feel it, my friends would take one pill and I would take 2, they would take 2 dexies and I would take 10, they would take 2 Valiums and I would take 10, they would smoke meth and I would shoot it up. And I kept doing it even tho it was messing me up more and more.

The thing with weed is that you don't know if and when it's going to mess you up, you can be fine for ages and then one day it starts to creep in or hots you hard out of nowhere. Not just that but it can change your personality and the way you think in a negative way without you realising it. It was only after what happened to me that I started meeting people who had the same experience with weed.
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