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I’ll give you my personal, and researched answer.

Where I’m from its legalized, but not necessarily socially accepted as a medicine. Hopefully someday I can go to the local drug store and find a tincture..

I used to have to vape or take cbd oil , and not smoke, without feeling like filth around others. My land-lord would always undermine me for smoking in tha backyard, always going on about how i’m such a “buddha-head” and he was one of those types trying to get into law enforcement. .. Anyways there are some good strains geared for anxiety. The only ones that worked effectively for me, had a balanced cbd:thc ratio, or a 3:1 ratio if THC makes you feel anxious . But it’s key to have a compound as the “entourage effect" will make the substance more compatible.. I recommend either cbd oil 1:1 full spectrum (dose accordingly to your weight) if you’re looking for longer lasting effects, or a balanced, or 3:1 ratio CBD strain. It is key to start at a low dose as it could hamper your motivation or produce anxiety, especially through the daytime. It’s a great night-time supplement for those who struggle with insomnia, or other sleep-related disorders. It’s also great if you are struggling with a physical ailment or chronic condition, like Arthritis or other joint-related pain. Also great as a muscle/mind relaxer for those who go to the gym or exercise at night and feel more antsy afterwards.

On a side-note i believe the Jews are putting research into the right things
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