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/Mild Rant!

From personal experience it was cannabis (skunk included along with other experiences etc) that gave me anxiety, depression and eventually psychosis in the first place and it WAS the cannabis that rooted these issues.

I became hooked on it so much so that I couldnt/wouldnt go to sleep without finishing my joint, but I would always pre-roll another one and so I would smoke and smoke and smoke until I passed out. Long story short, it ruined my life.

For perspective I know plenty of people that smoke it and they are fine and they can function (work on it etc). I also know some people that use it medicinally (mainly for arthritis) and it eases their pain, and I know others that lost their minds on it like myself.

Relevent info: I know some people that lost their minds on cocaine & speed however I am fine on cocaine and speed so I guess Im just saying that there is a gamble (different poisons for different people, we are all chemically different and will react differently), maybe cannabis will be perfect for you and you will be fine with it, there is always a chance that it could be the end of you as well though so bare it in mind.

Google "cannabis and psychosis" & "cannabis and arthritis" for example.

Additional: I didn't get hooked on cannabis straight away, I/we (my friends and I) used it socially for about 2 years and it was a good laugh and controllable so I personally I didn't go bat **** mad after 1 spliff, it took a while.

Additional +1: I don't know how experienced you are with drugs but for every "upper" there IS a "downer" (I know it isnt exaclty an upper but im highlighting the "change" it gives us). Our bodies manage chemicals to keep us balanced so if you introduce an upper, once it's worn off your body will be suddenly cut short of THAT chemical and all of a sudden it's wondering where the "happyness" went and you will feel like **** until you get your next fix, this is a part of how addiction works. Tied into this is also the fact that you will naturally chase the initial high as that is what made you feel so great in the first place. Also knowing how this works can prepare you for knowing whats coming. If I'm on the coke I KNOW I will feel down the next day and so I do things to offset this such as vitamins, knowing when to stop (still so so at this....) but also knowing what your body/mind is experiencing and why helps A LOT.

Additional +2: I noticed you said you ate an edible, cooking with it makes it about 4x (ish) as strong as normal so no wonder you felt crap.

Over a long time cannabis can be a depressent but like I say it's different strokes for different folkes. From what you said in your post it doesn't sound like you're after getting on any hard drugs and it's not for fun it is for medicinal reasons, I'm just sharing what I and others have personally experienced to help arm you with a wee bit of knowledge!

As far as how it's seen, all drugs are used by all types of society high and low so that's a gamble as well. It's a percentage game, some people will see you as a bum but some will not see it this way and it will be acceptable. Sods law states that it will always be the one you don't want though!! (typical!)

Hope this helps
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