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I wasn't laughing at my situation but my circular Emoji pillow I had sitting on top of my bed's headboard kept falling off. It fell at least 5-7 times. I placed it back, leaned back to read my book when it kept falling down. It was so frustration. One fall later I plopped my phone down with an AGH! I picked it up, placed it back on my headboard while giving it a good long stare as if I was daring it to fall. As if I was waiting to catch it in the act. A part of me for a split second thought maybe it was a ghost doing this to me. Here is this funny part: The pillow was my Sticking It's Tongue Out Emoji. Yeah that one. The Emoji that look like it is saying "Yum."[emoji39] This Emoji was playing games. Ha. It fell again without me looking. I ended up taking it's Smiling Self and placing it on the floor next to my books. I pointed at it and told it "STAY" like a dog.

I need to take the time to sit it back on my headboard. It seem that my other Emoji Pillow isn't going anywhere. He is too "Cool" to fall. Seriously it is the Emoji wearing a pair of Black Sunglasses. [emoji41]
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