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Originally Posted by Thejoke View Post
I've done it only a handful of times. If I had to guess maybe 9 times in my 30 years. The first "real" time I got high, I had an edible & it was the worst experience ever. I nearly passed out, I freaked out like crazy, & it just made me even more anxious. But I noticed that after it wore off, I was very serene, and nothing really bothered me. That feeling lasted for a few days. Cannabis has become legal in California, but I feel many people still see it as trashy, or what a low life would do. I have been considering medicating with it, but i'd like to know what are peoples thoughts on it? Is there anything wrong with using weed as a way to ease up & relax? Last time I did it was a few weeks ago and it felt so good, I was so positive & loving even for a few days after. I was surprised at how different I behaved, lots of hugging my family, joy, and so positivity. Is cannabis seen as trashy?
On the contrary I think more people are becoming more open minded about the medical benefits that cannabis oil brings to people who are sick. The only problem that has started is companies are trying to capitalize on people who don't understand how cannabis works. People are using words like "all natural", "farm to table", "100% organic", these catch phrases are luring people into believing misleading information. Medical marijuana is great and covers a wide range of symptoms. Do a little research and see the benefits that both you and I experience. Look into dosing and see the difference between smoking, using tincture, and oils. Learn about the endocannabinoid system and how it regulates everything in our body. I use King Harvest Wellness, they are local and provide me with high quality medicine made the right and safe way.
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