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Finally committing to a schedule via education in September for sterile processing. I’m getting a little stir-crazy not having any immediate challenge or function in my life. I’m too young to be wasting time and opportunity, even thought it’s an uncanny, and competitive 1st-world society regarding relationships and jobs. I am a wing-nut by trade, meaning if you throw me into a work environment I can pick up small things fast and I’m not afraid to ask questions. In the past people have thought I was dim or lacking intelligence because I ask so many darn questions lol. In every job i’ve had so far, after around a month’s time i am adapted to my environment and can hold my own. I’ve just stopped applying for restaurant jobs at this point before school because my relevant references are no longer valid. I am a very good cook and know that I am in fact employable at any 3-4 star restaurant but they don’t want to give me a chance. I take pride in every dish I make at home. I feel like job interviews are so dumb and bias in every shape and form, and am happy that I won’t be in an occupation that requires a human resources team to grill me. I am fairly certain that this kind of occupation doesn't attract sociopaths either.

I like the idea of co-op based programs as I will finally have the chance to prove myself in a living wage career environment, where responsibility is important and not just a flaunt or political BS like all my past jobs have been. I won’t be interacting with the general public which i’m grateful for, and the only other relatable occupation i can think of is a mortician. I just hope my assigned supervisors are fair, non-machiavellian leaders.
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